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Our Proud History

The Badge

1970’s Was the era of man landing on the moon. To reflect this major scientific milestone, the principal and management members, at that time, designed the badge to show that schooling and studying (symbolised by the open book) led to progress. Thus, even the moon was not beyond their reach (symbolised by the rocket and the moon).

The Houses

The theme of reaching the moon was continued with the naming of the houses. Aldrin, Armstrong, Mitchell and Shepard are names of American astronauts who were members of the teams that reached the moon. In addition, the strength of the names reflect pride and loyalty to the houses.

The Motto

Fidelis Sum is Latin for “I am faithful” which can be taken in the broad sense to include being faithful to the school, to studies, to my parents, to my family, to my friends and to my country.

Vision & Mission

Our School’s Vision

The staff and parents of Wendywood Primary school together will provide all the children of the community with:

  • the opportunity to receive the best primary education possible in the light of current education trends;
  • the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-mural and inter-school competitive and social activities;
  • the support needed to achieve these with a high degree of success;
  • an opportunity to make quality choices today in preparation for opportunities tomorrow.

Our School’s Mission

To achieve our vision, our school will endeavour to:

  • provide a sound foundation of basic academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual knowledge and skills;
  • develop a sense of self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, respect and love for all mankind among its learners;
  • provide up-to-date facilities, educational aid and equipment;
  • thoroughly prepare our learners for meaningful involvement in secondary education and society at large;
  • assist the handicapped to overcome their barriers to achievement and productivity;
  • create an awareness of and empower learners to take a firm, positive stand against social evils, especially AIDS, drugs, alcohol, violence, abuse and racism.

Gauteng Provincial Government


To ensure every learner does well at school and leaves our institution with the knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give him/her the best chance of success in adult life.


To ensure quality learning and teaching take place in the classroom every day.