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Assertive Discipline Program

We believe that assertive behaviour can be learnt and it is strengthened by support from both teachers and parents. Ultimately our children work towards their praises and merits. If a child in Grade 4 – Grade 7 receives a 100 merits before the end of the second term, they are invited to attend the Top 10 Academic Tours.

The Assertive Discipline Program at Wendywood Primary aids in:

  • Teaching children responsible behaviour
  • Teaching children to be accountable for their actions
  • Improving self esteem
  • Building a positive relationship between children and teachers

Principal’s Achievement Award

Principal Awards are given at assembly and parents will receive an invitation by the class teacher to attend. When a learner has received 3 certificates of Principal Awards during their schooling at Wendywood Primary, a wooden frame certificate is awarded thereafter. The achievement of a Principal’s Award is to recognise, praise, uplift and celebrate the efforts by our learners throughout the year. It is also an opportunity to formally congratulate these learners who have performed well in a whole variety of different areas.

Green Badge – 25 Merits

Awarded By Educator During Class

Blue Badge – 50 Merits

Awarded By Principal During Assembly

Red Badge – 75 Merits

Awarded By Principal During Assembly

Yellow Badge – 100 Merits

Awarded By Principal During Assembly