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A motion was approved at the May SGB meeting to reduce the number of committees from 12 to 7 committees, and to merge similar functions.  The main structure change is to run specific initiatives as projects under a committee, instead of forming specific committees. Parents are welcome to volunteer to be co opted onto specific projects where they can add value, without being required to become a full time committee or SGB member.  We believe this optimisation of time and resources will allow us to deliver projects more expediently.

The committee structures are as follows:

  • Finance Committee
  • Marketing Committee - Fundraising/PR/Marketing
  • Policy Committee - HR/Legal/Policies/Discipline
  • Performance Evaluation Committee - IWSE
  • Extra-murals including Sports, aftercare, but excluding music
  • Infrastructure and Security - Grounds/Buildings/Safety and Security
  • Music Centre

Linked to this, we have add a SGB Project page.  Parents are invited to volunteer for specific projects by availing the school of their skills, and by quoting for work or supply related to a project. You can do this by logging in, clicking on the Projects menu under School governing Body, selecting the project, and clicking the send join request button.



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